Johtajatulet will lit up again next summer – enroll in March

Johtajatulet will be arranged again for the third time in Evo Camping Centre in Hämeenlinna in the last weekend of August. There will be a bunch of interesting speakers and adventurous programme – all ready for you to pick up what you want! 

 The goal is to have 3 000 participants this year in Johtajatulet. We want to have not only the guides and scouts who participated the two previous Johtajatulet-events but also non-scouts who haven’t been there yet. Johtajatulet is open for all 18-year-olds who are interested in leadership, says Paula Viikari, one of the leaders of Johtajatulet.

Leading other people is a theme that is very popular among guides and scouts. The way how guides and scouts implement the topic is to arrange a leadership seminar in a forest and to involve CEO’s and upper secondary and vocational school students in same workshops.

 Johtajatulet has already a great reputation among guides and scouts, and people are waiting for it. Now we want to make it known to other people as well. This kind of events are one of the ways that enable guides and scouts to start a dialogue in the society, says Pekka Hankela, co-leader with Viikari.

The registration to the event opens in March 2019. The prices will be published around the same time. For rovers the price will be a lbit lower than for other participants. Speakers and the detailed programme will be published during the spring.

Kuvaaja selin Johtajatulilla
Photo: Otto Virtanen

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