Scouts and Guides of Finland Bring Scouting to Thousands of Children in Primary Schools

The Scouts and Guides of Finland are bringing Scouting into primary schools, this year reaching a new record of 46 000 children.

At the beginning of this new school year, first and second grade students had a chance to learn about Scouting through experiencing some of the most typical Scout activities.

Deeply rooted in the learning by doing Scout approach, students enjoyed a week-long series of activities, ranging from spending time outdoors to accomplishing small projects as part of a team. They have learnt new skills while getting to know their new classmates and having fun.

The activity week is typically concluded with a joyful school trip to a nearby forest, a natural setting that is cherished by Scouts. This time spent in nature is usually considered the highlight of the week for many of these children. Not only do they benefit from a serene moment of connection with nature, but they also grow more aware of the importance of looking after wildlife.

The Finnish Scouts have established a promising cooperation with primary schools through providing free educational materials that teachers can make use of in the classroom. The educational resources have been designed in such a way that they complement the national academic curriculum, contributing therefore to the achievement of its goals while introducing children to the magic of Scouting. The materials are also adaptable to fit every classroom in every city.

Every year the Guides and Scouts of Finland engage in such a campaign with primary schools to build meaningful bridges between the formal and non-formal educational sectors. In doing so, they give thousands of children a taste of what Scouting is really about -learning by doing, friendship, life skills and nature.

This article has been co-authored by Scouting in Europe and Freja Dohrn Ellefsen