Scout Method

The Scout Method is a way of reaching the Educational Goals of Scouting and is used as a tool for Scout leaders in planning and evaluating activities. The Finnish Scout Method is based on the Scout Methods of WAGGGS and WOSM. It consists of eight methodological areas which together contribute to a balanced, personal development of each Scout and the fullfillment of the aims of Scouting.

Commitment to the Values of Scouting

The Scout Promise and Law reflect the values of Scouting. By acknowledging them, scouts commit themselves to these values.


Scout symbolism includes objects and activities within Scouting that have a commonly understood meaning. The symbols link children and young people to their own group, the local group, and the world wide Scout movement.


In Scouting, every individual is entrusted with tasks of appropriate degrees of difficulty. The program, properly adapted to each age group, promotes the growth and development of the children and young people.


Scouting activities take place in small groups of people of the same age in which responsibility is shared and decisions are made together. By acting in these small groups, children and young people learn to function as members of a group.

Learning by Doing

Learning by Doing is the natural way of children and young people to learn new skills. In Scouting, learning takes place through acting and experiencing.

Adult Support

Scouting brings together children, young people, and adults. The adults support the growth and participation of the children and young people, and provide possibilities to influence.

A Good Deed a Day

In Scouting, children and young people learn to take responsibility for themselves and for others. Actions aiming at the wellbeing of others serve communities by creating a sense of togetherness.

Activities in Nature

In Scouting, children and young people spend time and do activities in nature. The nature provides a powerful surrounding for working and learning experiences.

Photo: Noora Qvick

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