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Guiding and Scouting is a wonderful means of learning new things about nature, yourself, other people and your own living environment. Join us

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Welcome to Kajo in July 2022!

The next of the next Finnjamboree is going to be organised by the Guides and Scouts of Finland on July 15-23, 2022. The camp’s name…

Summer camps 2020 postponed or cancelled

Update 4/2020: All large scout camps for the coming summer 2020 will either be postponed to the summer 2021 or cancelled due to COVID-19. We…

The 8th international Finnjamboree coming in 2022

The 8th international Finnjamboree will take place in summer 2022 at the Evo campsite, Southern Finland. The camp will be organized by the Guides and…

It’s the best time to start a new hobby — join Guiding and Scouting

Even if summer is not yet over, schools and hobbies are starting soon after the holiday season. The best time to join Guiding and Scouting…


15.–19.7.2020 Revohka TaSaVahvan leiri Saaramaa, Ruislehdonmäen leirialue
20.7.2020 FiSSc: Dagsseglats för äventyrsscouter – STÄLLS IN Anmälning senast 30.4, s/y Navigator, Åbo
26.7–7.8.2020 Najs 2020 Bygg- och rivläger STÄLLS IN Ahtela, Sagu

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