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#NoMissedSchoolDays, a joint project by Ugandan and Finnish scout associations benefits both societies

A year 2019 brought along a development cooperation project between Uganda Girl Guides Association, Uganda Scouts Association and The Guides and Scouts of Finland. A…

Join the Scouts!

 As the summer soon turns to autumn, it is time to start planning hobbies for the upcoming season. Would you be interested in a new…

Welcome to Kajo in July 2022!

The next of the next Finnjamboree is going to be organised by the Guides and Scouts of Finland on July 15-23, 2022. The camp’s name…

Summer camps 2020 postponed or cancelled

Update 4/2020: All large scout camps for the coming summer 2020 will either be postponed to the summer 2021 or cancelled due to COVID-19. We…


6.12.2020 ItsenäisyysJatkot Pitjäjänmäen seurakuntatalo
8.12.2020 HP Partiotoimiston joulukahvit – PERUTTU Partiotoimisto Yliopistonkatu 60 A, 5. krs, Tampere

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