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Kajo is already on the horizon!

Next summer a camp the size of a small city will be raised in the forests of Evo as the area serves as the location…

FAQ Session About Guiding and Scouting in Finland [ONLINE 2.9.2021]

Looking for new free time activities in Finland for your kids or yourself? Curious about Finnish nature and adventures? Searching for a versatile hobby for…

Start a new hobby – join the Guides and Scouts

Guiding and Scouting is a fun, versatile, and useful hobby, which offers lots of things to do for all ages! The essence of this hobby…

Welcome to Guiding and Scouting – intro webinar 5.5.2021

Curious about Finnish nature and adventures? Looking for a new hobby as an adult? Ready to start volunteering? If you answered yes to all three…


15.–17.10.2021 HP Partiotaitokilpailujen järjestämiskurssi Laitikkalan koulu, Pälkäne
15.–17.10.2021 HP Rastipäällikkökoulutus Laitikkalan koulu, Pälkäne
15.–17.10.2021 FiSSc: UteGourmet Anmälning senast 1.10. Österbotten, Kajane, Malax
15.–17.10.2021 SP Kajo 2022 Alaleirien seminaari Kalliopirtti, Kärkölä

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