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Guiding and Scouting is a wonderful means of learning new things about nature, yourself, other people and your own living environment. Join us


Mayday, scouts in the water! Boarding a life raft and getting evacuated by a helicopter – sounds ...

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Over 900 Finnish Guides and Scouts to the 24th World Scout Jamboree

  Next summer about 46 000 guides and scouts from all around the world gather together to West-Virginia in the USA to join the biggest international…

On the campfire of equality – application for equipment packages

Would your child like to go to a trip or camp next summer but they are missing equipment? Are there children in your group, who…

Johtajatulet will lit up again next summer – enroll in March

Johtajatulet will be arranged again for the third time in Evo Camping Centre in Hämeenlinna in the last weekend of August. There will be a bunch of interesting…

Satahanka XIII

The 13th international sea scout camp Satahanka will be held from 30th of July to 6th of August in 2018. Satahanka will take place in…


22.–28.7.2019 Lappi Piirileiri Kajahus 2019 Sarriojärvi, Kemijärvi, Lappi
24.7–1.8.2019 HP Ilves19 Evo, Hämeenlinna
24.–31.7.2019 J-SP Ryske´19 Hyvärilän nuoriso- ja matkailukeskus, Nurmes
24.7.2019 24.7.2019 KE MENOKULJETUS RYSKE ´19 (pitkä leiri) Mikkelistä kuljetus Ryske 19 piirleirille Nurmeksen Hyvärilään

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