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Kajo is already on the horizon!

Next summer a camp the size of a small city will be raised in the forests of Evo as the area serves as the location…

FAQ Session About Guiding and Scouting in Finland [ONLINE 2.9.2021]

Looking for new free time activities in Finland for your kids or yourself? Curious about Finnish nature and adventures? Searching for a versatile hobby for…

Start a new hobby – join the Guides and Scouts

Guiding and Scouting is a fun, versatile, and useful hobby, which offers lots of things to do for all ages! The essence of this hobby…

Welcome to Guiding and Scouting – intro webinar 5.5.2021

Curious about Finnish nature and adventures? Looking for a new hobby as an adult? Ready to start volunteering? If you answered yes to all three…


10.12.2021 L-SP Luottisten pikkujoulut Ruissalo, Saaronniemi
10.12.2021 Uusimaa – Uudenmaan Partiopiirin juhlaillallinen Poliisien kesäkoti, Kyyluodontie, Helsinki
11.–12.12.2021 Nuoren mielen ensiapu® -ohjaajakoulutus Partioasema, Töölönkatu 55, Helsinki
11.12.2021 PäPa Piirimajakka Loiste Kiviportintie 5

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