The best seminar you can attend outdoors

Johtajatulet is one of a kind: a leadership seminar in the forest, organised by volunteer scouts. Johtajatulet offers an opportunity to learn from the best experts in Finland without the endless powerpoint presentations. The core idea of the event is that everything takes place outdoors: keynotes, workshops, entertainment programme and overnighting!

The programme consists of keynote speakers and  workshops. The workshops are not of the traditional type: some workshops take place in a sauna or on a hike, some involve an element of learning by doing. The vast majority of the programme is in Finnish but we aim to have some workshops in Swedish and English as well.

Johtajatulet is not only about workshops and keynotes, but also a wide variety of different kind of activities. You can choose from paddling in moonlight, bathing in huge hot tubs outdoors, night orienteering, parties, a massive sing-along – and there is more to come! All activities are open for everyone.

Leadership and new experiences for everyone, not only for scouts

If you are not afraid of the woods and the thought of learning about leadership combined with nature experience intrigues you, Johtajatulet is definitely your cup of tea. Johtajatulet is organised by the Guides and Scouts of Finland. This is the fourth time the event takes place.

The majority of participants are scouts but former scouting experience is not required. You do not even have to join scouting to participate – participation fee is lower for scouts and guides, though. Johtajatulet is open for everyone above the age of 18. For adult scouts this is the opportunity to meet other scout leaders and improve their skills when it comes to leading other people – an essential skill for all guides and scouts.

We as Guides and Scouts of Finland want to provide our expertise and experience in leadership for everyone in this country. At the same time. we also want to learn from others. That is why we have opened Johtajatulet for everyone.