Visiting Finland

Are you planning a trip to Finland? It is a great choice, you are warmly welcome! In Finland you can enjoy beautiful nature and meet friendly local Guides and Scouts.

You can participate in a real Finnish Guide/Scout camp and explore the culture that way. Check out our upcoming events here and decide which one is your piece of pie.

If you want to meet Guides and Scouts when you are visiting in Finland, you can look for Guide and Scout contacts on the Facebook group Guides and Scouts visiting Finland. In the group you can find pen pals, a group to join during your exchange semester in Finland or a local group willing to have international guests in its camp.

Please check first this web page and the Q&A before contacting our office. Probably you will find an answer to your question here. If you do not find an answer or you have further questions regarding to your visit, do not hesitate to contact our international department: We are happy to help you!

Useful websites

Photo: Eeva Helle