Trainer for Value Based Leadership -course


Value Based Leadership training course is a training program lasting about one year for volunteer leaders aged 20–27. The VBL training focuses on self-awareness and diversity as a basis for leadership. The goal of the training is to provide quality leadership training for young leaders, to equip them with the knowledge and skills required to lead in tomorrow’s society and to create encounters between different groups within society. The training consists of four modules on the themes of 1) leading groups, 2) leading for diversity, 3) leading oneself and 4) leading productively with values. VBL is a much loved and respected training, an unparalleled experience for participants and trainers alike. 

We are now looking for FACILITATORS (2) for a course organized in partnership with Svenska Scouterna (VBL FINSWE 23-24) starting in December 2023. 

VBL Course Leaders and Facilitators will participate in the implementation of one training course (VBL FINSWE 23-24) during 2023–2024. The training team will consist of two course leaders and four facilitators, two of whom will come from Finland. The language of the training will be English. 

Volunteer task description 

VBL is known not only as an excellent leadership training, but also as a human growth process that leaves a mark. Personal change, appropriately dosed, is therefore the central goal of the training – to change people so that they become better leaders, especially through the development of self-awareness. The role of Course Leaders and Facilitators is to ensure an excellent experience for training participants. 

The staff at the offices of Scouterna and Finnish Guides and Scouts support the training team in the practical arrangements as well as the Finnish volunteer VBL team, which has members who have been facilitators and course leaders.  

Our expectations 

We expect the facilitators to understand the training objectives and possess the skills to help trainees achieve them together with the rest of the training team. Experience as a trainer would be an advantage, although we are not necessarily looking for experienced and well-seasoned trainer gurus. It is also an advantage if you have expertise in one or more of the areas covered by the training content. 

What makes a training leader and facilitator excellent is their understanding and ability to manage the group process. They are able to distinguish between what is relevant and what is not, understand that personal development is rarely linear, and know the limits of their own competence, being able to ask for help when they feel they need it. 

Membership in the training team does not require experience in Scouting or VBL training, but knowledge of organizational activities is useful. 

Specific features of the facilitator’s role: 

As a facilitator, you will be responsible for your own small team of six participants and for contributing to the overall training activities together with the rest of the training team. An excellent facilitator will do at least these things: 

  • You are present throughout the training, both during and in preparation for the modules 
  • You will be present during the whole training process, including before and after the training modules. 
  • You will be present for the training sessions and for the modules and the modules’ workshops. 
  • You are an active and proactive team member who keeps others informed about the training 
  • You will ensure that the content and objectives of the training are achieved for your own team and for your own workshops 

What do you get out of volunteering? 

As a facilitator, you will gain first-hand experience of facilitating a group process, deepening your understanding of the subject. You will learn more about the importance of diversity and leadership in different organizations and commercial contexts. You will learn about your own and others’ values and their relevance in your daily work. You will also learn a lot about yourself, both through the self-awareness building methods used in the training and through repeated active feedback. 

As a facilitator, you will have a direct impact on the lives of participants and training team members in a way that is very rarely seen. This process of witnessing change is in itself very rewarding. Personal, appropriately dosed change is indeed the key objective of training – to change people so that they become better leaders through, for example, improved self-awareness. 

Training schedule 2023-2024 

  • Training team meeting 21-22 October (Finland) 
  • First module 8-10 December (Sweden) 
  • Second module 26-28 January (Finland) 
  • Third module 12-14 April (Finland) 
  • Fourth module 16-19 May (Sweden) 


The time required to complete the assignment is particularly demanding during the module weekends – the modules run from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon (the last module starts on Thursday) and the training team meets at the training venue the evening before. In addition, the team is trained before the training starts and meets 1-2 times between modules. For the collaborative course, it is provisionally planned to meet twice face-to-face and otherwise meetings will be held remotely.  

Naturally, the preparation for the modules will take as much time as you consider appropriate. 

This is therefore a demanding task, and it is not recommended that it be accompanied by other demanding volunteer work or by continuous over full-time work. 


Apply for the position of facilitator by 11th September 2023 at the latest via this link ( attaching a short video application.  

Read more about applying below: 

On the form you will find a video presentation of the VBL training and the possibility to add a link to a video you have filmed yourself. You can also send the video separately via Whatsapp to the number on the video application form. If making a video would affect your chances of applying, please contact Annukka (contact details below). Please note that we do not expect to receive polished and edited video applications, we just want to see and hear from you! 


  • Please state your name at the beginning of the video. 
  • Please start with a brief description of your facilitation and training experience. 
  • Which of the VBL training contents are you most familiar with? Which parts of the VBL training are you familiar with? 
  • What would you like to tell us about yourself in relation to the facilitator requirements described above? 

Selection process 

All applicants who meet the criteria will be invited for an interview. The interviews will be conducted via Microsoft Teams and can be attended without having to have an account (join the meeting as a guest). If you are participating on a phone or tablet, you will need to have the Teams app (free, available in the Play Store/App Store). The dates will be during week 37-38.

Interested but want to hear more before applying? 

Contact Annukka Sorjonen ( – please email to arrange a possible call time)