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Develop as a leader with Value Based Leadership (VBL) training! 

Do you run a group, run a campaign or have a board position in an organisation? Are you aged 20–27 and keen to develop yourself as a leader? If yes, the VBL training is for you! 

The application for VBL FINSWE 23-24 is now open and you can submit your application here!

Before filling in the application form, please check the dates of the training modules and other important information. We recommend that you put the dates in your calendar now, as we expect you to attend all the modules if you are selected. Please fill in the application form carefully and thoughtfully. 

We will interview applicants after the application deadline and aim to confirm the final selection of participants during September, at the latest early October. So please be prepared to check your email after the closing date and the early October.

What is VBL? 

VBL training focuses on self-awareness and diversity as a foundation for leadership. 

The training aims to: 

  • Provide continuing education for young leaders in organisations 
  • Provide young leaders with the skills to lead in today’s and tomorrow’s society 
  • To create encounters between different groups within society 
  • To motivate young people to use their leadership skills for the benefit of society 

VBL started as a collaboration between the Royal Swedish Foundation (Konungens Stiftelse Ungt Lederskap) and the Swedish Scouts, Scouterna, and in fifteen years it has grown to become Sweden’s most important training programme for young volunteer leaders. The Finnish Scouts have been organising joint training sessions with the Swedish Scouts since 2009, and there are already more than 200 Finnish VBL participants. 

Following very positive experiences, the Finnish Scouts brought VBL to Finland in January 2017. The previous training in partnership with Sweden took place in 2014-2015 and now it is time to train together again.  

Who can apply for VBL training? 

You can apply if… 

  • You are 20–27 years old at the time of application 
  • You have a leadership position where you can apply what you have learnt during the training. This could be leading a project, coordinating a campaign, leading a group, or a board position, and must be a volunteer activity 
  • You are motivated to develop yourself as a leader and to develop leadership in your organisation 
  • You have the courage to discuss leadership issues in English. We do not require a high or native level of English, instead we’re looking for a courage to have a conversation in English. English vocabulary related to leadership will be built up during the training. 

It is also an advantage if you… 

  • You have completed some basic leadership training 
  • You have been in a leadership role (current or otherwise) for two years or more 

Dates of training weekends 

The training consists of four short modules: 

  • First module 8-10 December (in Sweden). 
  • Second module 26-28 January (Finland) 
  • Third module 12-14 April (Finland) 
  • Fourth module 16-19 May (Sweden) 

The short modules start in the morning and end on the afternoon of the last day of the module. 

The learning activities in the short modules will be supplemented and deepened by intermediate assignments, which will anchor the topics learned in the participant’s own organisation and leadership role. The language of the training is English. The training also includes a mentoring programme, where each participant is assigned a mentor. You will meet with your mentor approximately six times. 

By applying for the training, you commit to attending the modules if you are selected. In addition, we hope that you will attend the graduation ceremony at a date to be confirmed later. 

Other points of note 

Co-payment for the training 

The cost of the training per participant is EUR 540. The higher price is due to higher travel costs. The training price includes training (face-to-face sessions, in-depth assignments, mentoring programme) as well as food and accommodation during the face-to-face sessions.  

  • Travel to Sweden for the modules: participants’ travel to Sweden will be reimbursed from Turku by ferry and for travel within Sweden by public transport (Stockholm to local training venue). Participants will pay their own travel costs to the port of Turku. 
  • Travel to modules in Finland: the participant pays his/her own travel expenses to the nearest railway or bus stations of the local training venues, or to agreed carpooling points. If the training module takes place in an urban environment and there is a public transport system in place, no common transport will be provided, and the participant will be responsible for the cost of local transport. For example, if the event takes place at locations accessible by HSL public transport.   

Processing of personal data 

The Finnish Scouts processes the personal data of a person applying for VBL training for participant selection and communication purposes. The data provided by applicants selected for VBL training and necessary for the open application process will be shared with the training organisers and deleted after the training has ended. Data provided by other applicants will be deleted after the application process has been completed. Read more about the processing of personal data in the Scouts: 


We always try to adapt our training environments to suit the group of participants as far as possible, for example in terms of accessibility. For more information on accessibility of training venues or accessibility of the programme, please feel free to contact us. 

Something on your mind? 

Feel free to contact us and let’s discuss it together! 💭 

Matilda Kälvinmäki 

Specialist (training and competence),  

Value Based Leadership 

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