Training content

Value Based Leadership training course consists of four modules, 14 whole days within a six-month period. Between these modules the focus is on integrating the training with the everyday life as a leader. To facilitate this process we provide assignments to deepen one’s understanding, and a mentor for each participant.

The training modules last from Friday mornings until Sunday afternoons, apart from the fourth module which begins Thursday at lunch.

Module 1: Leading Groups

The first module focuses on the group process, how one experiences being part of a group as well as what one should thick about as a leader. We reflect on leadership, group processes, communication and personal values. Do my values shine through my leadership? How do I get across the things important to me?

Module 2: Leading for Diversity

Diversity is a complex concept with many perspectives. We explore diversity with the focus on leader’s responsibility to bring out the potential in their followers. We will look into the meaning of power and norms, consider the importance of personal experiences, and look deeper into group leadership. We will practise leadership in mini-workshops created by teams.

Module 3: Self-leadership

We will work with different models for self-assessment to better understand our behaviour and how others react to us as leaders. We will develop a deeper understanding on the importance of feedback and practise the use of feedback. We will  practise leadership in mini-workshops created by teams.

Module 4: Leading with profit and values

We discuss challenges to leadership with a business company. How do companies work with values and how do those values relate to making profit? What differences and what similarities are there between non-profit and commercial leadership? We make clear what are the expected learning outcomes of the training course and make plans for future leadership evolution.