Value Based Leadership training

Value Based Leadership is an experience-based leadership training course for young leaders aged 20 to 27. Any young person between those ages can apply for the training provided they hold a leadership position based on volunteering within their circles. In the focus of the value based leadership of the training is self awareness. A good leader will also be able to acknowledge and benefit from the diversity of one’s group.

Why do we need Value Based Leadership? 

We need the ability to reflect our values everywhere within the society. In the constantly evolving and complicated world it is important to understand ourselves and other people, who may not think like we do, in order to properly build a better society together. We need values to do what’s right. Recognizing one’s values and through that the diversity of values between different people is essential for a good leader. Through recognizing and understanding values we can develop more open, more understanding, more tolerant, and that way better leadership. Finland needs young leaders. Visionaries. Decision-makers who stand behind their values. Young leaders from diverse backgrounds who know their values and understand the viewpoints of others.


Scouterna, the Swedish Scouting organization, has organized VBL training courses successfully for over ten years. Suomen Partiolaiset, the Finnish Scouting organization, has co-operated with Scouterna in several courses, and after positive experiences decided to organize VBL training courses here in Finland under Scouterna’s supervision in 2017. There are nearly 250 VBL alumni, 80 of which were trained in the co-operative courses in Sweden, and the rest participated in the Finnish courses since 2017. In August 2020, the seventh Finnish VBL training course will start, and in the beginning of 2021 the VBL 8.

Our goal: VBL as the most visible leadership campaign in Finland

Our goal for the Finnish VBL training courses is high: we want to train a thousand young leaders for the future in the coming years. Now we have two courses a year, and we want to grow that number. We want to make VBL the most visible leadership campaign and training for young leaders.

VBL keskustelu ringissä
Kuva: Mikko Roininen