Guiding and Scouting

Guiding and Scouting is an opposite force to attitudes like ”Why should I?” or ”That’s not my business!”.

In Guiding and Scouting we care for each other and also want to show that in action. Guiding and Scouts form groups that follow a special training programme. An important part of the programme is giving responsibility to everyone, even the youngest guides and scouts are given responsibility.

Guiding and Scouting means activities and experiences. Experiences develop healthy trust on one’s capabilities. In a group you learn that nobody has to know everything and there is no such concept as ”the best guide/scout”.

In Guiding and Scouting a ten-year-old child can collect material for a relief package for a refugee child and boil potatoes in the woods, as well an adult can sing and play.

The Youth Programme of Guides and Scouts -brochure

Photo: Aapo Rainio

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