National events

The Guides and Scouts of Finland organise regularly various events for Guides and Scouts of different age. Everyone who is interested in scouting is warmly welcome.

  • Explo event for Explorers
  • Rover and Ranger event
  • Johtajatulet for Leaders
  • Finnjamboree
  • Satahanka
  • Other events

Explo event for Explorers

Explo is a national event for Explorers every three years. In the event, Explorers have a chance to strengthen the team spirit of their patrol and at the same time create new friendships all over Finland.

Explo unites all the best features of Scouting: the team spirit of camp life, a welcoming atmosphere, doing together and an interesting programme from which you can select your preference. You will get to know other Explorers while enjoying an energetic but relaxed festival-like atmosphere. Explo is for dreaming, learning and having an adventure.

In brief: Explo is a weekend spectacle that is created without compromises – only for Explorers.

The next Explo will be organized in 2023.

Rover and Ranger event

This is a national annual event for Rovers and Rangers.
The Rover and Ranger event promotes networking in the age group and gives an opportunity to be a participant instead of an organiser.

Johtajatulet for Leaders

Johtajatulet is a seminar focusing on better leadership – held in a forest. The event is for all Scouts over 18 as well as other adults who are interested in leadership. No earlier experience in Scouting is required. Johtajatulet has been organised in August 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2021 in Evo, Hämeenlinna.

The programme includes various workshops, speakers and great experiences. Earlier visiting speakers of Johtajatulet include, for example, Bruce J. Oreck, Risto Siilasmaa, Peter Vesterbacka and Minna Karhunen.

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Finnjamboree is the largest camp of the Guides and Scouts of Finland and an international jamboree that is held about every six years.

The latest Finnjamboree Kajo 2022 was organised 15-23 July 2022. For more information, please click here to read an article about the summer camp that gathered together 13 500 guides and scouts.

Previous Finnjamborees:

  • Karelia 1979 (Koli)
  • Miilu 1985 (Jämijärvi)
  • Tervas 1990 (Kannonkoski)
  • Loisto 1996 (Hanko)
  • Tarus 2004 (Padasjoki)
  • Kilke 2010 (Evo, Hämeenlinna)
  • Roihu 2016 (Evo, Hämeenlinna)
  • Kajo 2022 (Evo, Hämeenlinna)


Finnish Sea Guides and Scouts as well as their vessels gather every 4 to 6 years in the Satahanka camp, organised since 1955. Also other Scouts can participate in Satahanka. All you need is enthusiasm and interest in Sea Guiding and Scouting. Satahanka has programme for various skill levels, offering plenty to do for everyone from beginners to more advanced.

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Earlier camps:

  • Satahanka XIII 30 Jun–6 Aug 2018 Loviisa, Rönnäs
  • Satahanka XII 29 Jun–5 Aug 2013 Lootholma, Kustavi
  • Satahanka XI 28 Jun–4 Aug 2008 Ahtela, Sauvo
  • Satahanka X 24–31 Jun 2002 Hanko, Syndalen
  • Satahanka IX 1–8 Aug 1998 Bomarsund, Ahvenanmaa
  • Satahanka VIII 1992 Paasivesi, Saimaa
  • Satahanka VII 1987 Pihlus, Rauma
  • Satahanka VI 1982 Öjn, Parainen
  • Satahanka V 1978 Kyläniemi, Saimaa
  • Satahanka IV 1973 Bänö-ö, Åland Islands
  • Satahanka III 1968 Pähkinäinen, Rymättylä
  • Satahanka II 1960 Itä-Villinki, Helsinki
  • Satahanka I 1955 Mustfinnö, Parainen