Uniforms and Badges

Finnish Guides and Scouts’ uniform is dark blue. Some local groups, however, use brown uniform. Neckerchiefs have a colorful variety; nearly all local groups have their own version with own symbols and colors. Basic neckerchief is blue.

Finnish Guides and Scouts normally wear uniforms only at formal events, but neckerchiefs are used in all Guide and Scout meetings. At international events Finnish Guides and Scouts wear a special blue and white neckerchief.

One very distinct way of recognising Finnish Guides and Scouts abroad is a blue cap with white stripes called “väiski”. It has its origins in the Finnish mythology, in Kalevala. Väiski is part of the actual uniform of all cub scouts. It is also the camp cap of Guides and Scouts of all ages as well as a part of our international uniform.

An essential part of the activities of Guides and Scouts in Finland are the proficiency badges. The badges are linked to the ages groups and many of them are not compulsory, but something that the patrol chooses to do. The variety of the badges is big and the badges educational.

Badges and other Guiding and Scouting material can be bought at the Guide/Scout shop’s website.


Sudenpennut partiopaidoissa
Kuva: Jura Nurminen

Top picture: Joni Kuusisto