Scouting is a great hobby for children

Scouting is a fun hobby that gives you many kinds of useful skills. It offers plenty of great activities such as nature trips, camps and playing and learning new things together. In Scouting children make new friends – even for rest of their lives. This hobby is full of friendship, laughter and unforgettable experiences!

Scouting supports children’s growth and promotes their development as individuals and group members. Considering the environment and other people, operating in a group, learning various skills, developing the ability to solve problems and taking responsibility are important parts of the hobby. Scouting is an international movement that is open for all regardless of your language, culture, religion or background.

Join the Scouts

Weekly activities and new groups start in August, but you can join the Scouts anytime! To join in, search a suitable local group from your area.

Find your local group

In Scouting, children will

  • get new friends
  • participate and have an influence
  • have unforgettable camp experiences
  • get international experiences
  • have adventures and good time.

How do you start Scouting?

Children can start Scouting from the age of seven. There is no upper age limit. Scouting takes place in local groups, and you can find one almost in every municipality in Finland. Children meet weekly in the local group, in small groups (patrols) with children of their age. The patrols are usually led by one or two adult Scouts. In the local group meetings children play, do arts and crafts and learn new skills. Every now and then the group also participates in bigger events. All Scouting activities are based on the Scouts’ youth programme, which consist of numerous activities tailored for different age groups. For example, some local groups focus on nautical, aviation or hiking activities.

“Scouting is fun and you get a lot of new friends. You can spend time in the nature and try new things.” -Ylva-

Scouting is not expensive

Scouting is one of the most affordable hobbies for kids in Finland. The membership fee is about 100 euros per year. By paying the fee, you can participate in weekly meetings, hikes, camps and other Scouting events. The sum depends on the annual fee of the local group and the Guide and Scout district. Small participation fees are also collected for hikes and camps. Families with more than one child in the Scouts get discount from the membership fee. Usually you can also apply for a scholarship for camps.

This is how you can start

Find local Guide and Scout groups with the local group search.
Select the local group that suits you best.
Get familiar with the local group on its website or contact the local group leader directly.
Fill in the membership application form. Then the local group will contact you and you can agree on details.

For adults, too!

You can start Scouting also as an adult. No previous experience is needed. The Scouts offer plenty of activities and various volunteer tasks for adults.

Family Scouting

Some local groups also offer Family Scouting for children under seven and their parents. The purpose is to familiarise children with Scouting and give families positive nature experiences. Family Scouting is a great hobby for the whole family and an opportunity to meet other parents regularly.