Sea Guiding and Scouting

Sea Guiding and Scouting offers girls and boys of all ages various and challenging activities, both on land and at sea.

The training programme with its practical exercises gives the Sea Guides and Scouts a great opportunity to learn new skills in the company of friends. Around 9 000 Guides and Scouts in 100 local groups participate in Sea Guiding and Scouting. Sea Guides and Scouts are to be found both on the coastal areas and around the lakes in the inland.

From Dinghies to Training Ships

Sea Guiding and Scouting is pursued on vessels of all types and sizes, from canoes to dinghies and from yachts to large motor vessels. There are altogether about 200 different watercraft used in Sea Guiding and Scouting in Finland.

Practical Seamanship

Sea Guiding and Scouting offers young people an opportunity to learn how to handle sails, to navigate, to manoeuvre and to use different kinds of navigation equipment. They also learn the rules of shipping and teamwork. Skills are improving and challenges are growing as the years go by. Various courses, camps and sailing trips form the basis for an interesting hobby.

The Guide to Safe Sea Scouting