Scouting is a great hobby for adults

Scouting is a captivating hobby – also for adults. You don’t need to have previous experience to start to develop new skills and have great counterbalance for work. Scouting is a fun hobby in which you will get to know new people, experience and learn new things while supporting children and adolescents and bringing joy to their life.

Scouting is a flexible hobby you can modify to suit you. You can personally decide how much time you want to use for Scouting and in what activities to participate. Scouting offers innumerable tasks – and you can invent new ones!

How adults can join Scouting?

Scouting takes place in local groups, and you can find one in almost any municipality in Finland. Adults run the everyday operations of local groups and organise various events and activities. They also participate in courses and training sessions as well as local and national events. In many local groups, adult Scouts also organise programme for themselves and gather, for example, monthly.

In local groups, adults can participate in weekly activities as small group leaders, assist in excursion arrangements or renovate a Scout cabin – there are plenty of tasks available. Adults are also needed in projects and as helping hands. Whether you are familiar with organisational finance, be able to cook for a large group or have DIY expertise, you can share your skills with others. Alternatively, if you want to learn something completely new, that is also possible in Scouting!

I started Scouting in adulthood and led a group of Cub Scouts in Lauttasaari. I got a great and fascinating hobby and I have met many new people. I never stop admiring the amazing team spirit of Scouts. This has been an experience that combines my interest in nature and teamwork, and I have learned new skills. The good atmosphere is engaging. At least for me, this is the best form of voluntary work! -Riitta-

Picture: Otto Virtanen

Comprehensive education system

You don’t need to know everything when joining the activity – Scouting offers a comprehensive education system. You can get training for leading a group, operating with young people, woodcraft and first aid skills, and much more. In Scouting, learning goes beyond theory. Much of learning takes place by trying and doing with the support of others. The Scout education and experience in voluntary work is also a great addition to your CV.

When starting Scouting, you can take the Welcome to Scouts training package online. The package offers basic information for everyone who start Scouting in adulthood.

If you are interested in nature, working with children and adolescents, hiking, sailing, instructing – or paperwork – there is a place for everyone in the Scouts.

Membership fee

Voluntary adults must pay the membership fee of the Scouts, which is about 60–80 euros per year. The sum depends on the annual fee of the local group and the Guide and Scout district. After paying the membership fee, you can participate in the local Scouting activities. In addition, you can participate in local and national hikes, camps, competitions, events and training. Small participation fees are also collected for hikes, camps and events. Read more about membership fees and invoicing.

How can I join?

Contact the local group leader of your area and explain what kind of wishes you have for the hobby. Local group search helps you to find Scouts in your area. Also Scout districts help you to find a suitable local group and assignment for you.

Find your local group

Top image: Susanna Mikander