Kajo Finnjamboree gathered together 13 500 Guides and Scouts

Kajo was the eighth Finnjamboree organised by the Guides and Scouts of Finland. This unforgettable camp gathered together 13 500 Guides and Scouts into the forests of Evo both from Finland and abroad.

The camp started on 15th of July and finished on 23rd of July 2022. Everyone over 12 years old were warmly welcomed as a participants, and children under the participation age were also able to join with their parents.

Scout Camp Kajo and sculpture. Many scouts around.

750 international participants from 20 different countries joined this camp. The eight days of Kajo were filled with excellent program, joyful reunions, laughter, singing, scouting, new friendships, and incredible experiences.

Ryhmä kansainvälisiä partiolaisia Kajolla.

Scouting style fun park in Finnish forests

Self made ferris wheel in forest.Kajo was a huge tent village, the size of a small city actually, that was raised near the city of Hämeenlinna in Finland. There were multiple cafes, saunas, games, pharmacy, camp hospital and even a self-made ferris wheel in the middle of the forest.

Program valleys were primarily meant for 12-17-year-olds and they included fun activities under 6 different themes: Peace, Future, Action, Battle, Life and Heureka.

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Iloisia partiolaisia istuu maassa metsässä ja hymyilee. Kuva: Veera Melvasalo

Volunteering at its best

Guiding and Scouting in Finland is run by volunteers and Kajo was no exception. Volunteer tasks varied from group leader roles to dealing food, organising activities, providing first aid, hosting sing-along nights, cleaning toilets, streaming live shows and everything in between. Scouting as an adult is not only work – it’s heaps of fun too!

Three persons jumping from a platform hanging on to ropes.

Hundreds of volunteers worked for multiple days, or even weeks, before the camp to build all the infrastructure. After an incredible week of scouting volunteers also stayed behind to take down the camp and clean the area.

Two persons building stuff from wood.

Huge thank you belongs to each and everyone who made this camp happen!

11 scouts smiling at the camera.
Pictured here are Camp Leaders and core team of Kajo 2022. Starting from top left: Matsku Salminen, Antti Matikainen, Janne Costiander, Ville Sahlström, Ville Pentti, Jenna Kankaanpää. Starting from frot row left: Minna Martikainen, Aino Pohjanvirta, Katriina “Kake” Rauman, Maria “Kerttu” Nikkari and Anna Enbuske.


Guiding and Scouting is both local and global hobby and everyone is welcome to join! Anyone can join regardless of their ethnic or cultural background, language, religion or belief, physical capability, gender identity, gender representation, or sexual orientation. Where you come from is not important. All you need is a willingness to get involved.

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