Together more new at Kliffa!

Kliffa is the district camp of The Helsinki Metropolitan Area Scouts and Guides (PäPa) for summer 2018. The camp will take place on 23.7.–31.7.2018. Kliffa, which means fun and enjoyable in Finnish, is the most memorable and exciting scouting experience in PäPa since forever!
Kliffa2018 is the eighth regional camp of the Guides and Scouts of the Helsinki region, which will be organized at Evo. We excpect around 5500 participants to this camp built around the theme “Together more new”. In Finland most scout camps are in actual forests. This means that during Kliffa people sleep outside in tents, and get to experience first hand Finland’s short summer nights.
Kliffa’s day program will be structured around eight different program valleys, where participants get to exercise their scouting skills, solve puzzles together, play and take part in sports, as well as try something totally new! There will be suitable program for every participant from the youngest to the oldest, with their specific desires and experience taken into consideration. Adults will be able to attend their programs when it best suits them, and the younger scouts will also have a lot of freetime with their buddies!
At Kliffa the days are filled with different activities: 7 to 14 year-olds go on an adventure in program entities called program valleys. Younglings and teenagers aged 15 and up fill their days with interesting and inspiring volunteer work and their own activities, learning and having fun with old and new friends. At the camp we all sleep in tents, eat great camp food, and enjoy the camp atmosphere: new friends, campfires, and moonlight swimming.
There will be three big stage events at the start, mid-point and ending of the camp. These spectacles will collect all of the 5500 or so participants to take part in once in a lifetime events, and there will be something for everyone to keep them entertained! 5500 participants = one blast of a time!