Welcome to Kajo in July 2022!

The next of the next Finnjamboree is going to be organised by the Guides and Scouts of Finland on July 15-23, 2022. The camp’s name is going to be Kajo, as was published last Saturday.

Approximately 15 000 Finnish and international guides and scouts will gather on the Evo campsite. We welcome all guides and scouts who are at least 12 years old. Participating is possible as a participant or IST (International Service Team).

The camp’s name, Kajo, is a Finnish word that means the glimmer of light that you see in the horizon at dusk and dawn. The name was chosen, because it symbolises hope, which is a central theme of Kajo’s goals:

  • Kajo creates new ways of organising sustainable public events.
  • Kajo is accessible for as many people as possible.
  • Kajo is a shared, unique and international guiding and scouting experience.
  • Kajo guides its participants to make sustainable choices.

The campsite of Evo is in Hämeenlinna, approximately 125 km from the capital of Helsinki. The area consists of beautiful Finnish forest and small lakes and ponds.

You can follow the build-up to Kajo at www.kajo2022.fi/en, where you can always find the newest information on the camp. In order to receive the freshest Kajo news, kindly fill  this contact form.

More information: Katriina “Kake” Rauman katriina.rauman@partio.fi

Photo: Matti Snellman