Join the Scouts!

 As the summer soon turns to autumn, it is time to start planning hobbies for the upcoming season. Would you be interested in a new hobby? How about your child? Scouting is a wonderful hobby for everyone! 

Scouting is a fun and versatile hobby, which offers lots of nice activities for people of all ages! Scouting includes going on adventures, learning new skills, having fun, making new friends, and gaining amazing experiences. In the Scouts you get to contribute and to do a lot of things yourself. Anyone can start Scouting, no previous experience is required.  


Did you know that Scouting is a splendid hobby for an adult, too? Scouting provides a great counterbalance to work and otherwise hectic day-to-day life. Scouting as an adult is voluntary work, which enables a hobby for many children and adolescents. The Scouts organize training for various tasks, and you may acquire study points from many of the courses. Would you be interested in becoming a group leader, organizing camping trips, helping in the administrative tasks of a local group, or maybe just lending a helping hand when it suits yourself? Everyone is needed! 


Begin your new hobby! You will find the local groups in your area, as well as additional information about Scouting here:    

If you are uncertain which local group would suit you or your child best, ask for tips from the Scouts’ information center: tel. 09 8865 1100/ e-mail