Kajo is already on the horizon!

Next summer a camp the size of a small city will be raised in the forests of Evo as the area serves as the location for the Finnjamboree Kajo. Everyone is invited to join this colorful Kajo adventure! All you need is the willingness to spend eight days in a forest with thousands of scouts around you.

Finnjamborees are the largest scout camps in Finland, organised by Guides and Scouts of Finland and having participants from every corner of the country and beyond. Kajo will be the eighth of its kind, the first having been held in 1979. Kajo is expected to gather together up to 18 000 scouts from Finland and all over the world. Everyone over 12 years old will be warmly welcomed as a participant, and children under the participation age can also join with their parents.

The eight days of Kajo, from July 15th to 23rd, will be filled not only with excellent program, but also laughter, singing, scouting, friends, and, hopefully, sunshine.

How to join?

If you’re in Finland and already involved in scouting, ask for more info from your troop. They will be able to help you with registration and provide the information you need. Even if you’re not a scout yet but would like to join Kajo, find a local troop or a scout friend who would like to take you with them. If you’re a scout from somewhere other than Finland, you’re welcome to join too!

The Kajo official website has all the currently available information for international groups or single travelers, but a lot more (including instructions for registration) is coming in the next months. The registration for Kajo will already begin this year, on December 1st, and will run through the New Year until February 2nd.

You can read more about Kajo on the official website.