Scouting and Guiding Week 2021 in Finland

This week, from 19th to 25th of April, marks as the nationwide celebratory Scouting and Guiding Week of 2021. This year innovative online-, hybrid- and pop-up events have replaced traditional parades and bigger events. The Guides and Scouts across the country have adapted their operations to the current Covid-19 situation. Guiding and Scouting is open for all, and this year many local groups are presenting hobby and volunteering opportunities, especially for adults.

”The vision of the Guides and Scouts of Finland is to provide all young people with skills to change the world. To be able to provide guiding and scouting as a hobby for kids and youth, we also need more adult volunteers. For adults, guiding and scouting is considered meaningful volunteer work, which also provides adventures and community of like-minded people”, Siiri Somerkero, the chairperson of The Guides and Scouts of Finland, tells.

Unforgettable experiences for all

iloisia partiolaisia
Guiding and scouting is open for all. Photographer: Niko Rautanen

Through guiding and scouting anyone, regardless of their age, can find new friends, unforgettable experiences and learn new skills through versatile courses and events. Guiding and scouting in Finland is open for all. Anyone who is 7 years of age or older is welcome to join and there is no maximum age limit! The essence of guiding and scouting is engaging in a diverse assortment of activities together with others, and interacting with a wide variety of people. Anyone can join regardless of their ethnic or cultural background, language, religion or belief, physical capability, gender identity, gender representation or sexual orientation. Where you come from is not important. All you need is a willingness to get involved.

Please note, that you can start a new hobby or volunteering, even if you don’t yet speak the local language yet. Guiding and scouting is a great way of learning the language and integrating to your new local culture while having fun! Most of the guiding and scouting activities are currently organised in Finnish and Swedish, but many local groups also cater for those who speak English or other languages. Please don’t hesitate to ask you local group how you could take part!

Aikuinen partiolainen nuotiolla kokkaamassa
You can join the Guides and Scouts of Finland also as an adult! Photographer: Jukka Leikkonen

Joining The Guides and Scouts of Finland is a great way to develop your own skills, teach others and become a part of a community. This hobby and volunteering is more about doing things in practice that in theory. You get to pick up new things by doing them yourself instead of reading about them in books. Guiding and Scouting is all about doing things together: hiking, skiing, canoeing, sailing, practising first aid, making crafts and honing your woodcraft skills in the great outdoors.

The Scouting and Guiding Week is a wonderful opportunity for everyone, who has ever been part of this movement, to think back and reflect on ones memories from guiding and scouting adventures. This week is also a fantastic opportunity to invite new friends to join this hobby and community, which is simultaneously local and international alike.

Best place for volunteering in Finland

Adventures also for adults badge by Guides and Scouts of FinlandThe Guides and Scouts of Finland is the biggest youth organisation in Finland, which also wants to be the best place for adults to do volunteering. Most people start guiding and scouting when they are young, but it’s important to remember that the help and support for adults is also highly valued. One can join scouts as a volunteer by offering help to their local scouts group or by joining projects by the national scout organisation or its member organisations.

Join Guiding and Scouting as an adult

You don’t need to have experience from guiding and scouting from before. You will get help and training. Guiding and scouting as an adult is volunteering which makes the hobby of many children and youth possible. For adults, guiding and scouting offers balance from work and mini escapes from everyday life. Are you interested in leading groups, organising trips, helping with some administration work, or just helping every once in a while? Everyone is needed!

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If you’re uncertain which local group is best for you or your child, contact The Guides and Scouts of Finland by phone: 09 8865 1100 or by email: petra.valkonen(a)