Exemption from 2022 membership fees for refugees

Refugees who join the Guides and Scouts of Finland do not need to pay their membership fee for the year of 2022. This exemption from 2022 membership fees for refugees applies to refugees representing all nationalities.

A member can be freed from membership fee because of financial, social or health-related reasons. The purpose of the exemption of membership fee is to ensure that children and young people from families of limited means also are able to join the Guides and Scouts of Finland. The decision to grant exemption from this years membership fees for refugees has been made by the board of the Guides and Scouts of Finland. This is one of the many actions taken by the scouting movement to support Ukrainian refugees, and all refugees in Finland looking for a meaningful hobby.

The application process functions in Finnish and leaders of the local scouts troops (“lippukunnan johtokolmikot“) can do it on behalf of the refugee. More information in Finnish about the application process can be found by clicking here.

Information about joining the scouts movement in Finland

You or your child do not need any preliminary skills or knowledge before joining the Guides and Scouts of Finland. All you need is curiosity, and willingness to learn and adapt. Joining the Guides and Scouts of Finland is a great way to develop one’s own skills, teach others and become a part of a community. All you need to know will be taught to you, step by step.

Guiding and Scouting is both local and global hobby. Anyone can join regardless of their ethnic or cultural background, language, religion or belief, physical capability, gender identity, gender representation, or sexual orientation. Where you come from is not important. All you need is a willingness to get involved.

Most of the Guiding and Scouting activities are currently organised in Finnish and Swedish, but some local groups also cater to kids and youth who speak English or other languages. Local troops differ from each other, but by asking around you can find a suitable place for yourself! An active hobby is a good place to learn the local language.  A positive attitude and the use of translate tools do help!

You can join by contacting your local Guiding and Scouting Troop. Click here to find your closest scouts troop. You can also contact your local Guide and Scout district. You can find the contact information and district map by clicking here.

What about immigrants who are not refugees?

All immigrants are warmly welcome to join the scouting movement in Finland! Standard membership fee applies for those immigrants who are not refugees. Scouting is an inexpensive hobby. By paying around 60 to 80 euros per year you can participate in the activities of your local group, the Scout District and the Guides and Scouts of Finland. The fee also makes you part of the international Scout movement. The payment includes the membership fees of the Guides and Scouts of Finland and the Scout District. Some local groups may collect a separate membership fee.

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